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Plans and pricing

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Everyone gets

10000 free emails

Each month, you can send up to 10000 emails for free.

5 domains

You can register up to 5 domains and up to 25 subdomains for each domain.

No credit card

Personal info and credit cards are not required.

No trials

Your account lasts forever, or until you close it.



We built a robust, simple API and a comprehensive guide to get you started.



You can contact our active support team at any time for questions and feedback.



Increase resources as your business grows, with no upfront costs and affordable prices.


A look at our API

Start sending emails today via a minimalist API that adapts to any form of traffic.


Intuitive graphical interface

You don't need any coding knowledge. Our GUI allows you to manage your campaign with ease.

How we compare

Numbers of emails sent per month Pidgeonet Sendinblue Mailgun Sendgrid
10.000 £0 £16.5 $35 $14.95
20.000 £0 £24.5 $35 $14.95
60.000 £20 £41.5 $80 $29.95
100.000 £29.5 £59.5 $80 $29.95
300.000 £29.5 £169.15 $255 $249
1.000.000 £89.5 £425.15 $700 $449

Plans & pricing


10 Domains

30.000 Emails/mo



15 Domains

100.000 Emails/mo

100 Email validations

Analytics (24/7)


20 domains

1.000.000 Emails/mo

1.000 Email validations

Inbound email

In depth analytics

API rules

Inbound/outbound email rerouting

Email sending burst

10GB Email storage
(IN & OUT)

99.9% Uptime guaranteed (SLA)


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